Learn how to attract birds to your garden – let’s talk about plants!

Two birds sitting on a bird feeder full of seeds

Birds in the garden are just a must! Birds simply in a natural way provide insects control. They also provide beautiful songs which pleases our ears. If you garden is empty with birds keep reading the aricle to find out how to bring birds to your garden!

How to attract birds to the garden?

If you were wondering how to attract birds to your garden you are in the right place because we will tell you how to do it.

Bird feeders

Birds will love to visit your garden if there will be good food sources. That’s why the first thing you should do is to hang some feeders! You should provide natural food for the birds so they can eat something tasty and healthy. You should remember that different species may like different kind of feeders so give your future birds a choice. There are feeders like ground feeders and hanging cylindrical feeders. So maybe it is a good idea to have multiple feeders?

Bird baths

Bird baths are also attracting birds to your garden. Birds needs water features and it is also very good way to attract them to your garden. Good type of bird bath is solar bird bath. Most wild birds are in love with the sound of moving water. You can even create different water areas like static, moving or misting those actions will bring different species to your garden.

When there will be fresh water available many species of birds will be showing up to clean their feathers and keep them healthy.

Bright colors

Bright colors seek attention of birds. In fact birds are very attracted to bright colors With help of bright colors all aroud the yars you can attract their attention. Red color is going to attract Hummingbirds. Orange and yellow colors attract birds like Orioles and Goldfinches. You can bring colors with help of colorful feeders, nest boxes or other colorfull objects.

Provide them a shelter

Birds likes places where they can feel safe and those places are for example bird house or nesting boxes. Remember to install shelter on the trees to protect them from the ground predators.

Bird friendly landscape

Birds needs water, food and a place to live. You can give them those things but you could also add things like native trees, bushes but also native plants. You can give a wildlife habitat with a bit of work. Birds will not come to an empty yard. You can simply provide an amazing space for birds and make them coming back for more by adding native plants and nesting boxes.

Offer them nesting place

Now when you know how to attract birds to your garden you should think of finding a way to make them stay. There are few very good ways to encourage birds to build nests in the yars. Those ways are making a welcoming environment full of bird food and shelter options, bird-friendly plants and water sources, you can provide birds with nesting materials. So yes thats so easy if you bring their attention to your yard they will probably stay for longer there.

Bird species which are very likley to be seen in gardens

Chaffinch in a garden

There are few bird species which are very likely to be seen in gardens. Those common garden guests are:

  • house sparrows,
  • starlings,
  • blackbird,
  • blue tit,
  • goldfinch,
  • woodpigeon,
  • chaffinch,
  • siskins,
  • robin,
  • house martin,
  • magpie.


It is hard for robins and also other small birds to find food durning colder months and it is when they need food the most. Thats why giving them food source at this season can bring them to your garden for all year round.

You can attract local birds to your garden with with the native plants or dense shrubs which they are familiar with, which provides them good food source and good shelter place. Those native species has got colorful flowers and berries.

It is a good idea to place feeders and other objects like bird baths somewhere where you can enjoy watching birds from your house. However you still have to remember that there has to be lots of greenery so the birds will feel safe.

Grass clippings as well as dried leaved and even pets hair are amazing materials to build a nest. It is great because they are all natural materials which won’t make no mess in your garden.


  • keep cats away from the birds. Place feeders away from low cover. Cats are so called sit and wait predators thats why they rely on cover to get into their prey,
  • If you want to attract birds like garden finches or robins you should use sunflower hearts,
  • if you want to attract birds like siskins you should use food like niger seeds,
  • if you want to attract birds like woodpeckers you should go for peanuts,
  • it would be a good idea to increase the density of the plants and shrubs that you already have in your garden. This will help to create more cover and also nesting sites for birds,
  • make sure that entrance hole of the bird house is big enough for different species to get into,
  • think of squirrel proofing your bird feeder because they like have huge apetite for bird seed and they can scare off the birds.


Many houseowner have at least one bird feeder and bird bath in their gardens but still there won’t be that much birds, however now you know how so much more you can do. It is also very important to make birds feel safe in your garden and now you know how to do it.

All you gotta do to make sure if your work brings any effort you should watch if bird numbers changes in your garden. Bring more birds into your garden with our tips and advices!